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 painting workshops dartington hall


Light, drama and atmosphere!


Seascape painting in acrylics


Weekend workshops at Sidmouth Arts centre


27th & 28th January
10th & 11th February
17th & 18th February
24th & 25th February


These workshops are intended for students with some experience of producing a painting (perhaps in watercolours, pastels or oils). We will explore observation, imagination, atmosphere and personal response to create explorative and evocative paintings on a reasonably large scale (50cm x 60cm). A basic knowledge of acrylic painting is necessary as this will be an improvers course and focuses on more advanced practical techniques and conceptual awareness, which are intended to facilitate the students’ personal development as an artist. Acrylic painting has some of the features of both oil painting and watercolours, it is an ideal medium for those people wishing to explore traditional painting or mixed media techniques. The course includes creating suitable surfaces, exercises in drawing, using pencil & charcoal, painting, use of rags and palette knives. We will explore the transition from representational naturalism to abstract painting. Weather permitting we will be working outside for some of the session, the sea is a short walk away from the studio door. We will also look at the development of formal elements and obscurity in picture making, using imagination, expression and atmosphere. The course is being run under the aegis of the Workers’ Education Association.



Just to say a big thank you for the weekend art course. It opened my eyes to many things and it has inspired me to get more feeling into my painting by looking at what surrounds me rather than copying others’ photographic memories. I realise now that’s it’s necessary to experience physically, emotionally and visually what you are putting down on canvas to make it ” live”. I shall be getting out and sketching whenever I can. I might take the odd photo as reference, but they will be ” my own”!

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“Thank you Matthew for a great weekend workshop. I loved your passion, knowledge and genuine input and feedback. 2 glorious days of ‘zoning out’!”




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27/01/18 – 28/01/18 09:30 – 16:00 course id: C3529172

10/02/18 – 11/02/18 09:30 – 16:00 course id: C3529173

17/02/18 – 18/02/18 09:30 – 16:00 course id: C3529169

24/02/18 – 25/02/18 09:30 – 16:00 course id: C3529171

A materials list and book-list for research will be available on enrolment.

The book-list it is not required reading for the workshop but some research on the subject may be helpful.


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